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Peoples' Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and Danish organization Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT) had exclusively hold the high profile honor ceremony of survivor of torture and organized violence on 54 birth anniversary of Veteran Journalist Sri Sushil Tripathi on 18th July, 2010 in Hotel Kamesh Hut, Varanasi. 

 The program started by paying homage on the photo of pro – survivor veteran Journalist by political leader Mr. Mohan Prakash, Dr. Shailendra Kumar Tripathi, Parikshit and Priyanka, Mayor Mr. Kaushlendra Singh, Acharya Sant. Vivek Das, Vijay Narayen, Dr. S.M Gangulay, Tarun Kanti Basu and many other renowned person of the city and local participation of around 150 people who join the struggle against TOV. 

The program proceeds giving brief introduction about him, as he raised the issues related to the down trodden and victims of any category candidly. Expressing their views, the participants recalled the contribution of the late journalist in the field of media and he fought for the cause of poor and victim through pen.

The testimony of the twelve survivors was read to the public and the survivors were honored with the testimony and traditional white shawl. The name of the survivors Ram Ji Gupta, Mrs. Neetu Gupta, Mr. Mahatim, Mr. Vinod Gupta, Mr. Phool Chand, Mr. Harkhali, Mr. Jahid, Mr. Bikhari Sahani, Mr. Lal Chandra Sonker, Mrs. Mamta Singh, Mr. Pankaj Kumar Verma, Mr. Dilip Seth. 

After hearing the emotional part of the testimony Bikhari Sahani started crying and the eyes of the people presented in the hall become wet. "I feed my family by pulling trolleys for 18 hours after working day and night. I took a loan of Rs 24,000 to build a shelter for my family to save it from rains. One fine day two officer came along with around 50 cops and bulldozer and without any information razed my house. We could not save our belongings. The incident left my wife in coma and later she died. Now I need justice after all I am a human being. Please do something for my children otherwise they will starve to death."

Ram Ji Gupta became nervous after hearing the soft feeling, on 12 February this year my entire family got to face police torture. Late in the night I opened the door of my house on hearing a knock. A couple of policemen barged into my house and started beating up female of my house with boots and belts. Even they tried to molest my wife and my daughter in law. Then they dragged us to police station and abused us. An ordinary man is not safe in the city. I want CBI and the CB-CID to investigate the matter and ensure justice for my family.

Mahatim felt proud after being honored and fearlessly narrated his self suffering to the media. He reaffirmed his fight against mafia don Munna Bajrangi up to the last battle for the conclusion of the case.

Overall impact of the honor ceremony is in form of survivor's commitment against impunity.

 On the occasion the five girls also Chanda, Jyoti, Puja, Vimla and Madhuri -who fought against the child marriage, were awarded with Savitri Bai Phule award. They Prevail and emanate from the traditional culture or male supremacy. As most women in India suffer directly or indirectly by the existing patriarchal structure of the society. Denying the child marriage the parents of these girls faced odd situation in the society.

After the girls are being honored by this award and high profile media publicity, the parents of these girls feel psychological courage and join the movement against the child marriage as organized violence against women. It is noted that it is in result 10 years effort in the area of Baghwanala with the support of Child Right and You (CRY), Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT), Parul Sharma, Raj Dulari Foundation, Helma Ritscher, DIG (Germany) and InWent.  

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi announced "Sushil Tripathi media fellowship" for "Promoting a psycho -legal framework to reduce torture and organized violence in India" of 1 lakhs 20 thousand Rupees each to three including two from Hindi and one from English for two years for 10 story reporting. The media fellowship will be declared on the birth anniversary of great writer Munshi Prem Chandra (Shakespeare of Hindi literature) on 31st July, 2010.

The program was moderated by Sri Ashok Anand and ended with the vote of thanks by Ms. Shruti Nagvanshi. 

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    A coalition “National Alliance on testimonial therapy” (NATT)  came into existence in the national consultation on “Testimony to improve psychosocial wellbeing and promote advocacy for survivors of torture and organised violence




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